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Trouble Windows? No problems!

Not all windows are perfect squares, but most store-bought window treatments are designed to fit a standard square window. How do you decorate custom window shapes? Below are some examples to inspire you to find the best window treatment for your windows.

Arch shaped odd shaped windows

Custom window treatments, specialty shades, and specialty blinds can be created in nearly any size or shape you can imagine. Specially crafted blinds and window shades can meet any architectural challenge you have.

Bay windows have long ranked high on homeowners' wish lists, and there are lots of ways to treat them. Roman shades, wood shutters, cellular shades.

Patio Door

A classic look that lets in natural light when you want it, wood blinds or vertical blinds come in a variety of materials and sizes that are sure to accent your space.

French Door

Choose blind, all without hindering them from opening to the outdoors. By adding blinds on separate doors, you still enjoy the ability to open, or slide, them to let in the sunshine.

Windows that are really wide or narrow

Window coverings can be custom-made for wide or narrow windows depending on the type of blind or shade you choose. There are also features like remote controlled motorization which is a great option if your window controls are difficult or nearly impossible to reach. Roller and solar shades are a good choice as they have the ability to roll up right where they are barely seen.

Kitchen windows

Kitchen window treatments are usually an afterthought, but since you spend a lot of time cooking, cleaning and all the other hard-working things going on in this room, you need to consider the best type of treatment for these windows. You want the best possible treatment that is easy to clean so faux wood blinds or shutters must be the best choice.

Bedroom totally dark

Blackout blinds and blackout shades, also referred to as room darkening shades and blinds, block about 99% of all incoming natural light. Blackout shades and blinds come in a variety of colors and styles so you can perfectly match your space.


Cordless blinds are the safest option in homes where young children and pets are present. While there are no true “child proof blinds”, making safer choices in the operating style of your blinds can make your home safer and much less risky. Good options include top-down / bottom-up cellular shades, and roller shades that have no cords.

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