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Harvey Langer has owned and operated Vertical View since 1985.  It is a family owned and operated business.  You might find him bringing his son or grandson to help with the installations.

He started this back in the 80s when window treatments were much simpler.  The products available were limited to verticals, aluminum horizontal blinds, roller shades and drapes.  He started this business by offering a free shop-at-home service.  Three years later he chose to open a store front but still did shop-at-home for his customers.  The economy being what it was back then forced him to go back to just the shop-at-home service.

Over the years, there have been many changes in window designs and he proudly kept up by expanding the product lines to include major manufacturers such as Norman, Graber, and Comfortex.

​He provides his customers with expert consultation by looking at the customer’s needs and by helping them make a decision that will provide both an appealing look as well as function that the homeowner is looking to accomplish.  He offers manufacturers’ samples in their actual home environment where they can see the product with their own interior lighting.  This offers them the best match between the product and their current living conditions.

After the custom window treatments are ordered and manufactured, Harvey will then schedule an installation appointment.  The products will be professionally installed and he will teach the homeowner the proper operation and care as well as leave the home as clean as it was before the install.

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